Municipal Land for Development

In early 2017 the Village of Kaslo decided that it would investigate its entire asset of underutilized municipally- owned land, with the potential of divestment of properties, especially where the lands may have higher and better use and serve to leverage investment or in the interest of economic development for the community.  The land holdings are vast, covering approximately 430 acres (including 57 acres just outside the municipal boundary). The 366 acres inside the village boundary accounts for 37% of the community land base.  Some of these lands are occupied by institutional facilities or leased space, while others are vacant/greenfield lands that may be considered for future development.  The investigation applied to all municipal lands regardless of whether they were occupied or not.

The report can be read here.  You can explore Village lands with our mapping tool here*.  The Village has an open door policy concerning proposals for municipal land.  Written inquiries and proposals are treated confidentially.

Local government legislation pertaining to municipal property is found within Division 3 of the Community Charter, Sections 26-30. Serious proponents are encouraged to review and understand current legislation.


*Please note that Village lands are for public and stakeholder information only.  Unless expressly stated, no specific parcels or improvements are for sale.