Kaslo and Area D Economic Development Commission (RDCK)

The forum for Economic Development in Kaslo is the RDCK Kaslo and Area D Economic Development Commission, supported by a sub-regional requisition service from taxpayers in both Kaslo and RDCK Electoral Area D (Service 109).

It has a link here.

Village of Kaslo economic development priorities and projects are identified in the Corporate Strategy for the VillageThis may change if a Kaslo and Area D Economic Development Plan or strategy is developed and adopted by the EDC.

Village of Kaslo cost-sharing policy with the Economic Development Service

It is critical the proposals of any kind are submitted to this Commission by the Fall at the latest as the RDCK Financial Plan process wraps up by March annually.

Inquiries regarding an item or the service plan should be directed to the Chair of the Commission, currently Director Watson (Electoral Area D).