Corporate Strategy

Moving Forward is the Village of Kaslo’s Corporate Strategic Plan for the next term of Council.  Reviewed and updated every year, it provides a higher-level guide for decision-making, integrated with other critical policy documents; the Village of Kaslo Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) (2014) and the Village of Kaslo Official Community Plan (OCP) (2011).

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The Village’s vision statement below, derived from the vision statement of the current OCP, helps to capture where the community is going in the years to come.

"The Village of Kaslo supports a full, productive and meaningful life for all citizens through policies, services and programs that reflect community values and encourage sustainable development."

Community-wide goals

  • An innovative community that supports diverse economic development;
  • Invest in public infrastructure;
  • Explore new, local, energy generation possibilities;
  • Stewards of the natural environment;
  • A community of attainable and affordable housing for all;
  • Restoration and growth of community capacities in health and well-being;
  • Continued development of cultural, social and educational opportunities;
  • An engaged public;
  • Continued development and improvement of amenities;
  • Public-private partnerships that produce improved service delivery.